project #1 Svetina Ranch

Client: specialized in short term rental business.
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website development
  • SEO optimization
  • Digital Marketing (video content)

Challanges / Tasks

The OECD for 36 member states predicts international travel drop by 40-70% for 2020. The focus in 2020 is on domestic tourism.

With a shortage of foreign tourists this summer, unit owners needed to be particularly effective in attracting a domestic guest.


Attract new guests

KEY RESULT: reach more than 50% capacity booked by end of 2020.


Remote but accessible places will recover faster compared to touristic, crowded destinations. In search of privacy we expect an increase in demand for rental of private houses, villas and a visit to small boutique hotels. (source).


Unity in remote locations are mostly advertised through various portals such as:

In rare cases, individual unity or complexes have their own renting website. Example below:

Remote Cottage (Goriško)


+ many unity to choose from
+ easy search by location
+ newsletter - better deals

- less effective individual promotion through social networks
- poor integration with local providers of different experiences
-integration with other rental platforms is not possible (availability not visible in real time)


We identified two typical groups of guests:

  • 2 families of 4 - foreign guests
  • group of 9 friends / colleagues - domestic guests


  • Accessibility
  • Social distance / peace
  • Activities in the nature
  • Comfort
  • Good local food and drink

Low-fidelity wireframe


Landing page with pictures and videos of remote home stay, located in the middle of nowhere, but with all the possible luxoury. Visitor can access real time price and availability information and also send inquiry for desired time period directly on the page. Booking confirmation with all the details is coordinated via emails. After departure user receives request for review of the service and overall experience.

UX Design
High-fidelity wireframe (made in Adobe XD)


  • Calendar showing real-time reservation
  • Inquiry submission form
  • Mobile-first design
  • Prices of overnight stays (transparent, without hidden costs)
  • Pricing tabel
  • Video and image gallery
  • Short description with visual elements to show included services
  • Testimonials of clients
  • Direct and easy access to the contact number
  • Multilingual site (EN, SL, DE, NL, FR)
  • Integration with social networks (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Map showing the locations of attractions that are nearby
  • Directions

MVP development

SEO optimization

  • Keyword selection (5 to 10)
  • Placing on a website and achieving sufficient search results

    • JS framework: Vue/Nuxt


    • Animation on scroll - aos
    • ICONS - nuxt-fontawesome
    • SLIDER - vue-slick-carousel
    • GDPR - vue-analytics
    • Multilanguage module - nuxt-i18n
    • Google Analytics - nuxtjs/google-analytics

    Video content
    Promotional video for social media campagne
    Roadmap instructions - interactive video

    MVP testing

    Digital marketing

    Before summer season (jun. 2020) we launched 2 social media campagne to test the MVP.

    Facebook Reach: 7.9K visits: 1.021 watched the video


    • Customers want an advanced booking module that will allow easy booking directly via the online calendar pages.

    • Increase occupancy by 20% (from 50% to 70%)
      5 bookings via web reservation form
    • Easy insight of all stakeholders into the occupancy (in real time)