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Specialized in short-term rental business mostly through platforms such as AirBng and Booking.

Business context

In the rise of boutique turistic destinations, personalization, bleisure travel customers nowdays seeking unique experiences also through accomodations. To provide superior value for the client customers (unit owners) for an affordable price, creating a win-win scenario which will boost the overall profitability and viability of their business.

Business goals


bussiness viability

Key Results

  1. profit by 10%
  2. average purchase value by 10 EUR/day
  3. No. of operating units by 20%



Key Results

  1. Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 15%
  2. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by 15%
  3. Customer Effort Score (CES) by20%


  • Within 3 months PoC testing.
  • Within 6 months MVP testing in 10 units.
  • Within 12 months launch of platform and offering service to other clients.


Market oportunity


Following the vision of AirBnB »Bélo: The Story of a Symbol of Belonging« and new trends in turism:

  • Pairing sustainable (responsible) tourism with luxury travel (source)
  • Personalized Travel & Bespoke Experiences - a new global luxury trend (source)
  • "Bleisure" is on the rise and it's one of the biggest trends in business travel (source)
  • Cash free travel (source)
  • “Ease” become the gold standard by which tech travel innovations will be judged (source)
  • Culinary travel has transcended “trend” to become its own niche (source)
  • In a post-Internet society, consumers have access to an immense amount of information on the availability, prices, and quality of products. Increased product diversity and information transparency have resulted in more selective and price-sensitive consumers.



SHOPIFY (E-commerce platform)


  • Easy to use (for non-developers)
  • Complete control over your on-line store customization
  • Over 100 modern-looking & responsive shop templates
  • Automatic shipping rates
  • Customer support tools (e.g. live chat)
  • Shopify developer products (build public/private app, embedded app, custom storefronts)
  • New add-ons for more features (e.g. Shocodes - scan & purchase with smartphone)
  • Real product Inventory Management
  • Shipping discount
  • Key Performance Metrics available


  • Limitation on store locations (track inventory on up to 8 locations)
  • Subscription fees for most of add-on /features
  • Transaction fees (0,5-2%) unless using Shopify payments (not available in most EU countries)
  • Checkout process can not be customized
  • SEO shortcomings
  • No refunds
  • The main two reasons that Shopify stores fail is that they are not able to drive traffic to their website and they do not offer unique, high quality products with a branded experience. (source)

AirBnb Experience


  • Recommendations based on your booking or search
  • Good follow-up and cross-selling strategy
  • Include local people to offer personalized experience.


  • On spot seling not possible.

Who are the guests?



User Pain/need Requirement Key KPI-s
Guest Sense of belonging --> trust --> community Share stories / Create memories / Interact with local culture / Local experience NPS/CSAT
Guest Lack of time On demand / on spot purchase Delivery on time Rate
Clients Increase profit (added values) of their products / services ↑ Cx ↑ Bx ↑ Ratings ↑ Recurring rate (loyalty) Revenue Growth Rate / MRR & ARR / NPS / CSAT / Unit Performance
Supplier ↑ profit (added values) of their products / services ↑ Revenue / ↑ Brand recognition Average Profit Margin / STR / Revenue Growth Rate / Product Performance / MRR & ARR
Operator Profitable operation Designed to go global / Real-time performance metrics (sales analytics, customer success strategy) FRC, NPS, CSAT, CES, DAU & MAU, ACR, AOV, Average Profit Margin, CRR & CCR, MRR & ARR, CAR, LTV


Product vision

“Platform designed as a mobile-first multi-unit on-demand e-commerce web application offering a collection of high-quality local products with a great value (price-performance, choice from an local expert). Employing concept of a »shoppable« apartment, storytelling and latest AR technologies solution will deliver convenient and almost magical customer experience in the comfort of their temporary stay where near enough everything can be up for sale.“



#1 Sketching

In order to really innovate we need to think bewond categories and personas. Future business problems don't fall neathly within the boundaries that were created to solve past problems. User reasearch showed that the most common need is feeling of belonging which people can get when having an authentic travel experience, have possibility to live like a local and blend into community. When arriving to the unit they are looking for empathy, understanding and honest two-way communication



#2 Prototyping

Goal was to test the concept as soon as possible. So we deside to make a minimalistic wine shelf and place it in one of the apartments: So we:

  • Check the ideas on pinterest
  • Use 3D modeling softwere to design the components for the prototype.
  • Use laser carwing machine to make the components
  • Assemble it in the unit and fill it with selected wines.


brand design

#3 Brand Identity Design

Goal was design a visual elements that will represent the product vision in a clean and simple way

  • Name:
  • Logo
  • Message
  • Color:



#4 Proof of Concept Testing

Prove the need for:

  • authentic travel experience, possibility to live like a local, blending into community.
  • extra services

Test the concept:

  • Service that will allow guests on-demand shopping from the collection of high-quality local products with great value (price-performance) in the comfort of their temporary stay.
  • »Try what local would / Best from Slovenia«

Questions needed to be answered:

  • How important is it for a guest to have a sense of authentic travel experience?
  • How important is it for a guest to have additional services during their temporary stay in rented appartment?
  • Would a guest appreciate service of providing HQ, local confirmed, great value products in their appartment?
  • What are the constraints, additional needs that needs to be solved?


business model canvas

#5 Creating value for each stakeholder

  • Project relationships and the Stakeholder Circle - Prioritize and visualize the key stakeholders, mapping their expectations
  • Business modelling - Value proposition canvas for each stakeholder / Business model canvas
  • Business case - proposition for client

Low-fi wireframe
Customer journey map
User flow
Low-fi wireframe

journey map & userflow

#6 UX design

  • User-flow
  • Customer Journey Map (CJM)
  • Low fidelity wireframe
  • Informational Architecture - sitemap and class diagram


design system

#7 UI design

  • UI Design system



#8 Wireframing

  • Fully clickable high fidelity wireframe with micro interactions and animations - test the functionality


product roadmap

#9 Project planning

Project is being developed under principles of agile softwere development.

  • Make a digital project canvas for client
  • Project RoadMap with modules/sprints
  • List of all functional and non-functional requirements
  • Business Case update with roadmap and list of all requirements


MVP design

#10 Web Application Development

  • Front-end progressive JavaScript framework: Vue.js / Vue CLI project
  • UI libraries used: Bootstrap, Vuetify


MVP testing

Test Report results

Platform is specialized for mobile-first multi-unit on-demand shopping from a collection of high-quality local products with a great value (price-performace, choice from an local expert). Employing concept of a »shoppable« apartment, storytelling and latest AR technologies solution deliveres convenient and almost magical customer experience in the comfort of their temporary stay where near enough everything can be up for sale.